Do You Know the Risks Involved in Transporting Medical Cannabis in Michigan?

Would you take the risk of transporting thousands of dollars to the bank without any security in your car? Who would be crazy enough to take the risk of that much money? Right?  The rule is pretty much the same when we talk about medical marijuana or cannabis!


According to researchers, the sales of legal cannabis is growing at an annual rate of 18 percent and is expected to reach 13.4 billion in 2020. In seven states and also in the district of Columbia, recreational marijuana is now legal whereas medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. 

 The biggest challenge the marijuna industry facing is pertaining to its transportation logistics.

 Unfortunately, this big dilemma is faced by several growers or planters operating within the marijuana industry in Michigan and other states. To transport a single pound of marijuana from a farmer to dispensary is a daunting task.

 The marijuana industry can’t make use of UPS or FedEx to ship their products. Rather they need to figure out transportation logistics which needs to follow state distribution licensing requirements.

 Being licensed is mandatory otherwise your cannabis will be stuck with the grower owing to lack or inadequate legal transportation options.

 Transportation of crop presents challenges, including the fact that transporters can’t go through state lines that easily any more.

A number of companies are offering secure transportation services for cannabis farmers and retailers. However, not everyone lives up to the expected standard of services.

 Herein, this blog will shed light on the inherent risks in marijuana transportation:  


 Driving around with pounds of marijuana can be a criminal activity in some places.  Those in the marijuana industry says it is an exciting and challenging time. But with a high-value product in the vehicle, the risk of theft ought to be high. Moreover, in the prospect of a federal crackdown, legal cannabis transportation is considered a risky business.  

Legal Risks

 Due to its unique legal status, the growing company will continue to face a number of operational challenges. As cannabis remains illegal for the federal govt, some banks can be reluctant to participate, or helping on very specific legal conditions.

 As a result, there is a notable legal risk in transporting the product. Cannabis distributor is not only involved in transporting hundreds of pounds of the high-value product but also six-figure sums of cash.

Regulations & Federal Law Uncertain

 Cannabis illegal status under federal law will remain the biggest hurdle in the industry. Due to the federal government, the transporters are not allowed to cross state lines or any place that is considered federal land. 

Product-Specific Risks

There are cannabis products that can’t be transported without proper temperature and moisture- controlled storage. You simply can’t afford to take the risk of transporting them in your regular vans, trucks or other vehicles.


In The End

With the increased demand for recreational and medical marijuana, a growing number of  transportation service providers are popping up. Not only cannabis require a safe way to transport product but lot of structural changes should be made to organize the industry.

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