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Director Brisbo meeting: Key takeaways

Director Andrew Brisbo

Director Andrew Brisbo

On Thursday, 7/18, there was another edition of LARA Live with David Harns and Director Brisbo (watch the whole thing here).

Here are some key takeaways:

1) Transferring inventory from medical to adult-use. While the emergency rules allow you to transfer product from your medical inventory to your recreational inventory, Brisbo said that before they allow this, they will want to make sure the needs of the medical market are met. Considering the shortage where in, it looks like adult-use consumers may need to stand-by until seed-to-sale, adult-use product becomes available.

2) The mandatory 90-day license approval or rejection. Brisbo warned that, due to the legislation passed, the licensing agency has 90 days to approve a license or they must reject the applicant. The rejected applicant will then need to reapply, and that presumably comes with an additional application fee. To avoid this, Brisbo suggests you don’t apply for your prequalification and facility approval at the same time. The 90-day period begins from submission of your facility application, not the prequalification. Get your prequalification first, then submit your facility application. Anyone who’s been through the facility-approval process knows that they can take way longer than expected. Don’t risk it!

3) Medical renewal fees. Brisbo mentioned that, just like the adult-use fee structure, medical license renewal fees will be tiered. The renewal fees for 2020 have not yet been released.

4) Marijuana event organizer. This will be a separate license type, without which you cannot organize a marijuana event. Licensed marijuana organizers must apply for permits for specific events, and receive approvals from both the local municipality and the state. Marijuana may be sold at these events by licensed retailers, who were included in the event permit. Fee for the event is partially determined by the number of vendors at the event.

5) Microbusiness structure. These businesses will function as an isolated microcosm in the industry. They cannot buy, or sell, to other licensed facilities. They may grow, process, and sell their product, and theirs alone.

6) Social use. For the time being, retailers may have designated areas for social-use of marijuana products. Those retailers may not serve food or alcohol. Brisbo indicated this was due to complications involved with food, beverage and liquor regulations, both state and federal.

7) Social equity. Businesses from communities disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition (identified here) may qualify for application and renewal fee reductions of up to 60%! Majority ownership of the business must be from the communities listed, and their fee reduction depends on their particular grievance. Brisbo mentioned that they are gauging the success of their social equity program by how many small business keep their business license for more than 5 years. They are aiming for over 60% of small businesses.

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